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As much as I like to pretend that I wake up fabulous, let's be real, there are still some non-negotiables when it comes to getting ready in the morning, ESPECIALLY if I plan on being chintzy with the eyeliner. (I mean, who ARE these women that can draw a perfect cat eye?!?) My non-negotiables (fancy as they may be) are:

1) Brush my teeth;

2) Remove remnants of makeup not washed away by the shower;

3) Pluck eyebrows; and

4) Curl my eyelashes.

This is usually followed by some hastily applied mascara, a swath of tinted chapstick, and some blush, if the brush hasn't fallen out of my makeup bag into the abyss of my purse..... Still, I recently found that even this condensed routine was taking too long.

After a fair amount of research, I decided to get microblading done. I was hesitant and scared when thinking about the thought of the stylist "tattooing" on my face at first, but I finally decided to go through with i and have eyebrows that look fabulous 100% of the time, without taking up any of MY time!

So What is Microblading?

Q: What is microblading?

A: Microblading is an amazing form of tattoo artistry. It is a semi-permanent tattoo technique that creates hair-like strokes to fill in sparse or thinning brows.

Q: What tools are used?

A: Unlike traditional tattooing, a hand held device is used called a "microblading pen." The microblading pen holds the tiny microblades in place similar to a how an Exacto knife would. Professional cosmetic pigment is used to achieve a natural color. Numbing agents are implanted throughout the entire procedure.

Q: How long does it last?

A: On average microblading lasts 1-2 years. Although, each individual's experience can vary based on their skin type, lifestyle and after care regimens. Quality materials and a quality Artist are also significant factors.

A semi-permanent face tattoo with natural hair-colored individual strokes? SOLD! No more squinting into a ridiculous magnifying mirror at odd hours for this girl!

Here are some local businesses that microblade.

Bella Beach Nail Spa

19800 Belmont Chase Dr Ste 140 Ashburn, VA 20147


FLOW Beauty Bar

44719 Brimfield Dr Ashburn, VA 20147


Amenity Day Spa

44365 Premier Plz Ste 120 Ashburn, VA 20147



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