Life saver.... to a mom

OK so something that I dread and despise doing is going grocery shopping....... I use to not mind it when I was younger and single, but now that I have a career, kids, a family, house.... you know everything that keeps us moms super busy, I just feel like the time I spend grocery shopping could be used somewhere else. But I guess we do need to feed our family, so it's not an option to go grocery shopping.

And then don't get me started going grocery shopping with the kids..... which is 99% of the time..... one has to pee as soon as you get to the store, then one wants to ride in the cart, but then the other one wants to ride in the cart, then they start fighting in the cart so I pull them both out, now one is having a meltdown and not wanting to walk, so then I put that one back in the cart, then the other one gets mad because he's not in the cart..... then the other one has to poop... so back to the bathroom we go. At this point you have now spent an hour in the grocery store and have three items in your cart. So your half hour grocery trip ends up being a three hour ordeal. If this isn't how your shopping trips look like with your kids in tow, then I applaud you and you must be supermom. But for the rest of us, grocery shopping with the kids can be a very long and drawn out process. I admit, have even gone out at 10pm at night just so I could go grocery shopping alone.....yes, I have done that.

So, a life saver for me has been the Walmart Grocery Shopping pick up service. They have made my life so much easier when it comes to grocery shopping.... so thank you Walmart. This service has been available for a few years now, but I learned about it about 6 months ago. I was like "what? I can order groceries without stepping foot inside a grocery store?! Yesss I need this in my life!" It is pretty much that simple. You create an account with Walmart and then shop online. Another perk to this way of shopping is that you can actually budget out your shopping trip. I never knew what I was going to spend when I went grocery shopping. I would just grab everything I wanted to get and then whatever it came to, well, that was what I was paying. Budgeting is so important, I think, so this has really helped us with our grocery budget. I get an idea of how much I want to spend and then I add the essentials to the online shopping cart first, then if there is extra money to be spent, I can add some more "non essential" items in the cart. You can then pick which day and a time frame you want to pick up your groceries. They offer next day service as well as other days later in the week. The time frames are an hour time frame of when your items will be ready. You receive an email that tells you that your order is ready to be picked up. You also put the Walmart grocery app on your phone, which tracks your location so that the sales associates know when you have arrived. Once you arrive to the designated pick up spot at Walmart, a sales associates comes out with your groceries and loads your car for you. If they are out of a particular item, they find a substitution and tell you what they substituted your ordered item with. You can either accept the substitute or reject it, if you reject the item they remove it from your order.

Something else that was nice to learn is that you can also put other things in your online pick up order, such as toothpaste, bath soap, nail polish, etc.

So I highly recommend giving Walmart Pickup a try! Especially if your a mom that would like to save time, your sanity, and possibly money by knowing what you are spending before you place your order! Let's face it, we all need a little less stress in our lives, so here is a good start!

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