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Updated: Jul 17, 2018

With the warm weather and summer here, vacation time is on my mind and probably yours as well! My family and myself love the beach, so naturally, when i think of summer I think of the beach, my favorite place to be!

If you are planning on being at a beach or even a pool at all this summer, then of course you need a functional and fashionable beach tote to carry all of the "mom" items, you know, the sippy cups, wipes, extra kids clothes, toys, sunscreen, snacks .....and then maybe, if there is enough room still left, something actually for us moms like a Cosmo to read.

Some beach totes are designed for their functionality, while others are designed for style. Personally, I have to have both, functionality and style, in my beach tote because carrying all my kids stuff as well as my stuff around for several years now has made me feel like a pack mule plenty of times, especially beach trips. But hey, if I have to look like a pack mule, i'd like to at least be a fashionable pack mule!

So, depending on what your looking for in a tote, here are some that I found that I think are stylish and functional!


Beach Tote Tip #1: place your towel inside your beach blanket, roll it tightly, and slide the roll vertically into your tote so you can slip it out first thing.


The Whale Bag, by Saltwater Canvas, LLC, and is available on Amazon, is a pretty cool mesh bag that holds up to 6 beach towels, has 9 super sized pockets for all your summer essentials that are easy to see, a secret zippered interior pocket for valuables, snap hook for keys or glasses, and at the end of the day you can hose it off! This tote comes in different colors and priced from around $21-$36.


Beach Tote Tip #2: Pack a whistle. A whistle can come in handy when bunches of kids begin roaming the beach. Teach your family the “family whistle” and you’ll be sure to have them back by your side in no time.


This Aruba Mesh Beach Tote Bag With Insulated Cooler can easily carry 4 large beach towels and features two external pockets, one zippered for valuables or a cell phone, plus another for easy to get to items, such as sunscreen. What makes this beach tote unique, is the additional insulated cooler bag section that is perfect for keeping your food and drinks cool and fresh! This multitasking tote can be found at Amazon currently for around $29.95.


Beach Tote Tip #3: Take an empty plastic bag or a wet bag, like this one from amazon, for your wet suits.


The Original Deano Tote by Scout is their #1 selling bag since 2004 because it can pretty much carry everything you need for a beach day, and also folds flat for easy storage. If you are looking for just a large tote without pockets, this is your bag! Aside from being a Mary Poppins bag, who can't notice that it is also very stylish! This tote is made out of an all-weather woven material which makes it lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. I love that this massive tote comes in several different colors and patterns as well as gives the buyer an option for monogram for an additional cost when ordering. This tote can be purchased through Scout's website or Amazon for around $39.00.


Beach Tote Tip #4: Stay hydrated! Pack lots of water and fill a bottle half way with water and freeze it overnight, this way you will have a cold drink every time you pour water into the bottle over the ice.


This Lands End Large Canvas Tote Bag features a water-resistant base and trim with anti-mold coating, four interior pockets (excluding small) and key ring attachment for organization. This well built tote is very durable while the bottom and handles are reinforced so it can support a heavy load. You can also personalize this tote and choose from several different color options as well as size options though the Lands End website. This large version shown here is around $46.00.


Beach Tote Tip #5: Put your cell phone in a Ziploc bag to keep it safe from sand or anything else that might make a mess in your tote.


The Sandless Beach Tote is designed from a material used by the military, which filters the sand out of the tote. The specially woven polyurethane acts as a one-way filter to prevent sand from coming through the bag and also does not absorb moisture, which could result in mildew or mold. This tote also includes a small solid internal pocket for valuables, shoulder straps, and reinforced box stitch seams. This tote can be ordered online and sells for around $39.95.

Here's one for the kiddos! This Melissa and Doug Crab Beach Tote is pretty cute and could be used for a boy or girl. I love that this tote bag also has mesh panels in the bottom so you can "sift" out the sand! This tote can currently be ordered from Amazon, Target, and Walmart for around $14.00.


Beach Tote Tip #6: Pack a basic first aid kit. It's always a good idea to have basic first aid items. Make sure your first aid kit includes: band-Aids, neosporin, benadryl, calendula lotion (for sunburned skin), and pain reliever for kids and adults.


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