10 Innovative Baby Products

Blog by Laura Heinik

It’s been five years since I had my first baby. Needless to say, a lot has changed over the years in terms of baby products and innovation. When we went to do our registry for my now 10-week old, I couldn’t believe how much had changed. The aisles of Target and Babies ‘R’ Us (RIP) looked totally different. It took us forever to get down each aisle because we were too busy looking at all the new products created by entrepreneurial parents who saw a need or a gap in items to help care for their babies.

I have listed below some of my favorites that were either recommended to me by other parents, or we found online doing research on best new baby products.

1. Love to Dream Swaddle. Most babies like to sleep with their arms up, so of course, a swaddle that allows them to do just that makes perfect sense. My son loves this thing, and it’s super easy to get him in and out with a quick zip. (Amazon)

2. The Baby Shusher. I laughed out loud when I saw this on the shelf. As ridiculous as it seems, this brilliant speaker saves me a lot of breath and made someone millions. Why wasn’t it me?! (Amazon)

3. Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad & Scale. Those first few weeks when your newborn loses weight can be scary. It took my son three weeks to get back to his original birth weight, but this scale made it easy to regularly weigh him so I wasn’t constantly going to the doctor for weight checks. And it works just by putting your baby down to change their diaper. Kills two birds with one stone! (hatchbaby)

4. Tranquilo Mat. This soothing mat mimics the motions and sounds of a mother’s womb using vibrations and white noise. It claims to help babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. My son loves it in his bassinet, and it’s portable to take with you so you’re never without it at nap time. (Amazon)

5. Hugaboo. This infant support seats rivals the Bumbo and helps stabilize your infant’s back, sides and legs while they learn to sit up on their own. It’s washable and super plush. I haven’t used this yet, but I plan to in a few weeks. (Amazon)

6. Freemie Hands-Free Breast Pump. Before discovering this hands-free and mobile (yes, mobile) pump, I was glued to the couch for many hours a day as I was exclusively pumping. This pump is life changing! I can go to the grocery store, take a stroll or sit at the dinner table and actually use both hands to eat. And no one knows I am pumping breastmilk at the same time. There are no power cords, and the collection cups fit right in your bra. I will say I use a scarf to hide the bulge coming from my chest area, but it’s worth the extra wardrobe accessory. (Amazon)

7. Owlet Smart Sock. Having a brand-new baby can be frightening. Many new parents routinely check to see if their baby is breathing. I know I did and still do, but there are several products on the market that can put you a little at ease by monitoring the baby’s heart rate and even oxygen levels so you can get some much-needed rest. I like the Owlet Smart Sock because it’s easy to put on, and it notifies you with lights and sounds if the levels fall outside of normal range. (Amazon)

8. Beebo. As seen on Shark Tank and invented by a dad in Florida, this hands-free bottle holder frees up your hands to read a book, scroll through Facebook or use the remote to put on a Netflix show (I’ve binge-watched seven seasons of Shameless in six weeks). The rotating bottle holder rests over your shoulder and keeps the bottle at a consistent, upright angle. (Amazon)

9. Fansidi Nail File. It took one time clipping my newborn’s nails (and his skin accidentally, ouch!) to realize there had to be a better way. I used my nail file, but it was a little too rough. One search on Google, and I found a safe electric baby nail trimmer that worked like a charm. The device uses cushioned sandpaper to safely file down the tiniest of nails, and it’s done in seconds. (Amazon)

10. The Otteroo Swimming Ring. This neck ring helps acclimate your infant to the water. My husband thought this was ridiculous at first, but we have a pool and love to be outdoors, and this innovative floatie allows us to swim as a family. It looks a little weird at first, and the ring shape looks like it will pull on the babies neck, but it gives your baby the freedom to move their arms and legs freely in the water. It’s even used as a therapeutic device for babies with disabilities. (Otteroo)

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